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MARCH 2001 Volume 1 Number 1

Dr.(Mrs)S.J.Nagda , M.D.S.
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   Original Articles
History of Prosthodontics-Part-II
Impression in complete denture fabrication
Dr.Mahesh Gandhewar , M.D.S. , Dr.(Mrs)S.J.Nagda , M.D.S.

This article is an interesting review of the literature on the evolution of impressions in complete denture fabrication


Restoration of a lost smile- A case report
Dr.Ivy Coutinho , Dr.R.K.Singh , M.D.S. , Dr.Meena Aras , M.D.S. , Dr.Vidya Chitre , M.D.S.

This article describes the fabrication of a fibre reinforced composite anterior fixed prosthesis for missing upper left lateral incisor using Vectris unidirectional fibres and Targis pontic and the clinical procedure of bonding the prosthesis in the oral cavity



Mandibular movements in the horizontal plane
Dr.E.G.R. Solomon , M.D.S.(Bom),Dr.Med.Dent(Germany)

This article,is a horizontal plane study of the intricate movements of the mandible at the condylar , incisal and cuspal locations , which provides a resourceful information to comprehend the various terms associated with mandibular movements



Ceramic Veneers : A conservative alternative to complete crowns
Surg Lt Cdr Archana Khanna BDS , Lt Col SK Agarwal MDS

This is a clinical report of a case taken up for rehabilitation and attempts to encapsulate latest concepts in esthetic dentistry with emphasis on clinical and laboratory procedures mapped through tooth preparation , selection of materials /bonding agents and stages in fabrication of ceramic veneers



Edentulousness and prosthetic needs of a rural population in southern India
Dr. Pratheek Shetty, M.D.S., Dr. Kashyap Bhargava, M.S. , Dr.Pankaj Goel ,M.D.S. , Mrs.Renuka Sahay , M Sc

This is a study conducted on a rural population of Southern India to determine the distribution of edentulousness and prosthetic needs



The effect of rapid and overnight curing techniques on tooth movements in fabrication of complete dentures - A comparative study
Dr. Venkatesh Suneel B., M.D.S., Dr. Ila Shah M.D.S. , Gangadhar S.A. , M.D.S.

This study evaluates the tooth movement in three directions and compares the movement in maxillary and mandibular dentures with rapid curing technique and overnight curing techniques



Myofascial Pain Dysfunction Syndrome
Etiology , Clinical features and Management

Dr.NArendra P. Patil , M.D.S. , Dr. Neeraj Madan , M.D.S. , Dr. Mohammed Shammas , B.D.S.

The authors provide an interesting review of the factors involved in the etiology of Myofascial Pain Dysfunction Syndrome and the methods of diagnosis of the condition and the management of the same



Oral submucous fibrosis - Case report of a prosthodontic rehabilitation
Dr.Rubina Tabassum , Dr. S.J. Nagda , M.D.S.

This is a clinical report which describes the treatment modality for a case of Oral Submucous Fibrosis that needed rehabilitation with complete dentures.



   Tip of the Month
Customised Matrix for Post-endodontic core build-up
Dr.Malathi Buddhi, Dr. S.J. Nagda , M.D.S.

A simple technique to fabricate a predictable post-endodontic amalgam core build-up has been described .

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A Report- First Prosthodontic Post Graduate Workshop

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A Report-28th IPS Conference- Chandigarh

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Forthcoming Events

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Noteworthy abstracts of the current literature

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